This song explains how I've been feeling recently. I feel like trying something different. I'm not exactly sure how quite yet, but maybe we'll find out soon enough. =]
Well then... my first blog post. This is interesting. I doubt I keep it up, though.

I really just want to say, life is tough. It's hard trying to figure yourself out, trying to figure others out, trying to do the best you can on whatever it is you do, trying to figure out what exactly it IS that you want to do, etc. I've been told that I "think too much", and I always took that as a compliment. I'm really starting to see the negative side of that, though. Over-thinking and over-analyzing are exhausting; also, they lead only to more thinking instead of action. I want to get up and actually do something, but I can never figure out what it is I want to do. Gah... It stinks. XP


    Sometimes, I have a few thoughts in my head that wish to be let out, but have no medium upon which to escape to. Hopefully, this will help.


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